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Territory Manager

Market and sell your company's products within a specific region.

What does a Territory Manager do?

As a Territory Manager, you oversee all sales activities in a particular geographical area (typically a portion of a state or a group of states) for your company. More than just a Salesperson, you work directly with clients (businesses you sell your product to) and, in some situations, their customers as well. Making sure your product is available for purchase by as many people as possible is your main priority.

Your day-to-day activities are similar to those of a Salesperson. You visit your clients regularly and spread the word about your company’s product. No task is beneath you-one day, you may be called upon to entertain the executives of a large corporation (attempting to entice them into purchasing your product), and the next, you may be stocking the shelves of a local convenience store. Whatever it takes to make a sale and a profit for your company (well, within reason), you’re expected to do.

For example, a potential client requests an in-store demonstration of the latest cooking utensil to gauge his customers’ reaction before agreeing to make a purchase. It is typically your responsibility as the Territory Manager to handle all the details (location, schedule, invitations, food and beverage), and ensure that the event goes as planned. After the event, you (hopefully) negotiate the terms of your clients’ purchase, and make sure he gets what he wants.

Some Territory Managers are compensated at a standard salary, while others are paid a low base salary with incentives included for further financial compensation. The fast-paced nature of the job may seem hectic sometimes, but you’re rewarded with the freedom to travel through your region, never stuck in an office all day.