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Terrazzo Worker

Lay decorative flooring littered with glittering stones.

What does a Terrazzo Worker do?

If you’ve ever seen an inlaid concrete patio, the speckled hallways of a school, or the flooring in a commercial building, then you’ve seen the work of a Terrazzo Worker. Part art and heavy on the craft, terrazzo installation is a multi-step operation, and a Terrazzo Worker does it all.

The art portion of a Terrazzo Worker’s job comes into play during the design phase of the project. Perhaps you’re laying out a focal point in the entrance to a museum, or randomly dispersing glittering gems along an outdoor corridor. Whatever the project, the process starts with several inches of concrete, poured by you or a Concrete Worker.

Once the concrete is dry, you apply a layer of mortar. And while it’s still wet, you scatter the terrazzo pieces over the surface, and use a special roller to push them into the mortar.

Terrazzo can be made up of a variety of materials, including glass, sand, marble, quartz, or granite. Broken into chips or flecks, the materials add a decorative touch to an otherwise plain cement surface.

You use many tools to accomplish this feat. Rollers, metals sheets that separate sections of terrazzo, and tools that spread the mortar around are just a few of the inhabitants of your toolbox. In addition to the tangible tools, you also need patience, precision, and a dollop of artistic flair.

This job leaves you sun-soaked and feeling good about a hard day’s work, especially since terrazzo is low-maintenance, easy to clean, and has little or no impact on the environment!