Terrazzo Tile Maker

Mold pulverized marbles, metallic oxides or pigment, cement, and water.

What does a Terrazzo Tile Maker do?

Molds pulverized marble, metallic oxides or pigment, cement, and water in specific pattern to form terrazzo tile: Mixes colored marble and metallic oxides with cement and water to prepare molding mixture. Inserts pattern in mold and applies layer of colored mixture over surface in sections of pattern to form design of tile face. Removes pattern and sprinkles mixture of dry cement and sand on mold to absorb moisture. Fills remainder of mold with wet cement and sand to form tile backing. Draws straightedge across top of mold to remove excess cement. Places block on mold and compresses tile in hydraulic press to obtain smooth surface on tile face. Removes mold from press and separates tile from die. May coat surface of die with oil to prevent tile from adhering to die.