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Terrazzo Finisher

Supply and mix construction materials for Terrazzo Workers.

What does a Terrazzo Finisher do?

Supplies and mixes construction materials for TERRAZZO WORKER 861.381-046, applies grout, and finishes surface of installed terrazzo: Moves terrazzo installation materials, tools, machines, and work devices to work areas, manually or using wheelbarrow. Measures designated amounts of ingredients for terrazzo or grout, using graduated containers and scale, following standard formulas and specifications, and loads portable mixer, using shovel. Mixes materials according to experience and requests from TERRAZZO WORKER 861.381-046, and dumps mixed materials that form base or top surface of terrazzo into prepared installation site, using wheelbarrow. Applies curing agent to installed terrazzo to promote even curing, using brush or sprayer. Grinds surface of cured terrazzo, using power grinders, to smooth terrazzo and prepare for grouting. Spreads grout across terrazzo to fill surface imperfections, using trowel. Fine grinds and polishes surface of terrazzo, when grout has set, using power grinders. Washes surface of polished terrazzo, using cleaner and water, and applies sealer, according to manufacturer’s specifications, using brush. Installs grinding stones in power grinders, using handtools. Cleans installation site, mixing and storage areas, tools, machines, and equipment, using water and various cleaning devices. Stores terrazzo installation materials, machines, tools, and equipment. May modify mixing, grouting, grinding, and cleaning procedures according to type of installation or material used. May assist TERRAZZO WORKER 861.381-046 to position and secure moisture membrane and wire mesh prior to pouring base materials for terrazzo installation. May spread marble chips or other material over fresh terrazzo surface and press into terrazzo, using roller. May cut divider and joint strips to size as directed. May assist TERRAZZO WORKER 861.381-046 to lay terrazzo. May cut grooves in terrazzo stairs, using power grinder, and fill grooves with nonskid material.