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Termite Exterminator

Treat termite-infested and fungus-damaged wood in buildings.

What does a Termite Exterminator do?

Treats termite-infested and fungus-damaged wood in buildings: Studies report and diagram of infested area prepared by SALES AGENT, PEST CONTROL SERVICE to determine sequence of operations. Examines building to determine means of reaching infested areas. Cuts openings in building to gain access to infested areas, using handtools and power tools, such as electric drills, pneumatic hammers, saws, and chisels. Inserts nozzle into holes and opens compressed air valve of treating unit to force termicide into holes. Sprays pesticide under and around building, using pressure spray gun. Bores holes in concrete around buildings and injects termicide to impregnate ground. Keeps record of work performed. May direct EXTERMINATOR HELPER, TERMITE. May replace damaged wood in sills, flooring, or walls, using carpenter’s tools. May pour concrete or lay concrete blocks to raise height of foundation or isolate wood from contact with earth to prevent reinfestation.