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Tenoner Operator

Set up and operate single- or double-end machines to cut tenons.

What does a Tenoner Operator do?

Sets up and operates single- or double-end machine to cut tenons, or to size, trim, groove, shape, or match ends of woodstock used in furniture manufacture: Examines blueprints, drawings, patterns, or written specifications to determine size, type, and setting of saw blades, cutterheads, cams, and jigs to be used. Selects and installs saw blades, cutters, and accessories in machine, using rule and wrenches. Turns handwheels, presses buttons, and reads gauges; or positions pattern on machine, to space saws and cutterheads, according to length and depth of cut. Positions dogs on conveyor according to width measurement for feeding stock through machine and tightens dogs in place, using wrench. Presses button to start machine, holds stock against guide on machine carriage, and pushes carriage through machine to convey stock between cutters, or places stock against guide and dogs on feed chain which pulls stock through machine. Removes processed stock and verifies dimensions, using rule or template. May turn handwheel during operation of machine to increase or decrease distance between saws and cutterheads and adjust for errors. May be designated according to machine operated as Double-End-Tenoner Operator.