Tennis Instructor

Teach and help improve a tennis player’s game.

What does a Tennis Instructor do?

Tennis instructors teach students how to play the game of tennis. You teach them the basic techniques, such as ball toss, forehand and backhand shots, serves, and volleys. Tennis instructors also train players to enhance their physical fitness and teach them mental strategies. By observing and analyzing players, you determine players’ strengths and weaknesses and prepare plans to enhance their skills and build confidence. Administrative tasks could include keeping records, liaising with tournament organizers, and making travel arrangements. Away from the courts, you arrange tournaments, promote tennis programs, and look after the maintenance and repair of equipment.

You demonstrate moves and strokes, so you must have experience in playing tennis, and you must also be physically fit. Experience and good knowledge of the rules and regulations of the sport are most important, but a bachelor’s degree may be required. Other required skills include good communication and interpersonal skills to teach effectively, attention to detail, and good organizational skills. The ability to motivate is also an important trait.