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Tennis Coach

Help tennis players swing, serve, and return with power and grace.

What does a Tennis Coach do?

To a casual observer, the game of tennis might not make a whole lot of sense. For example, “love” is what you get when you haven’t scored any points, while “bagel” means you’ve won a set without giving up any points. If you’re a Tennis Coach, though, these terms are all just part of a day’s work, as you spend your time coaching Players to be the best they can be.

Tennis is played by a lot of different people, from weekend warriors to Professional Athletes. As a Tennis Coach, you aspire to work with the professionals. Not only is the skill level higher for this group, but the pay is also better and allows you to support yourself purely by coaching.

Just like a Basketball Coach or a Diving Coach, the purpose of your job is to improve your Players to the point where they can consistently win matches. To do this, you create practice plans which have them doing drills over and over to work on their various weaknesses. Tennis is a complex sport, so your drills can cover pretty much anything from the speed of their serve to the quality of their backhand to their overall conditioning. The exact drills you prescribe are based on your observation of their play.

When not on the court, Tennis Coaches do a lot of administrative tasks. These can include everything from ensuring that your Players can compete in international tournaments to holding press conferences with Reporters. You want your Players to win, but when things aren’t going well for them, your job is just as important. You give them motivation, arrange for Doctor ‘s appointments for injured Players, and make plans to give them time to rest when they’re burnt out.