Template Reproduction Technician

Reproduce images of engineering drawings, tracings, stencils and templates.

What does a Template Reproduction Technician do?

Reproduces images of engineering drawings, tracings, stencils, layouts, templates, and other work aids onto base materials to produce working patterns used in manufacturing aircraft parts, using photographic and x-ray reproduction cameras, contact printers, and related equipment: Reads work order to determine nature of material to be copied, enlargement or reduction required, and equipment to be used. Sets up, operates, and adjusts photographic and reduction equipment to produce pattern negatives and to reproduce image from negative onto emulsion-treated or sensitized base material. Mixes developing and processing solutions, and immerses exposed materials in developing, processing, and rinsing solutions to produce image, manually or using material handling devices. Visually inspects image for quality. Cuts base material to specified dimensions, using power shear. May operate equipment to wash and dry processed materials. May operate photographic equipment to reproduce pattern on transparent plastic film. May laminate sensitized material onto base material.