Handle money and provide services to customers in a bank.Provide money-handling services to bank customers.

What does a Teller do?

A teller or cashier is responsible for transactions ranging from cash withdrawals and check deposits to mortgages, loan payments, and funds transfers. From across the counter, you build and maintain customer relationships, as you’re the primary contact the customer has with the bank.

As a teller, you must carefully record all transactions accurately per bank guidelines. You’re the face of the bank when customers want to open new accounts, or have questions about their current accounts or other bank-related services. Preparing checks and exchanging foreign currencies are also responsibilities of this position.

Good computer and administrative skills are required to become a teller. You should know how to handle cash and promote products and services, as well as be able to perform clerical tasks such as typing. Good communication skills, both written and verbal, and excellent customer service skills are important to have in this position. A high school diploma is typically required.