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Teller Manager

Oversee the Tellers and Teller Supervisors at a bank.

What does a Teller Manager do?

Although ATM machines, computers, and even smartphones now handle much of the banking necessities, there are those transactions that should be handled by a real Bank Teller inside a real bank. Then, there are those people who just enjoy making their deposits in person. Whatever the reason, Bank Tellers are in demand, and Teller Managers make sure they do their job well.

As a Teller Manager, you oversee the line of Tellers working on a given day. You’re basically a Senior Teller because of your experience and drive to earn the Manager title. You might also go by the title of Teller Supervisor, but in larger banks or credit unions, there’s enough room for both positions. In that case, you outrank the Teller Supervisor.

Your day-to-day Teller Manager duties involve customer service and managerial obligations. The Tellers come to you to request vacation time, admit they’ve lost their keys, or ask regulatory questions. With your experience, you’re familiar with bank and branch regulations. In addition, you use your problem-solving and decision-making skills to offer the best course of action.

When you’re not putting out fires, you run the window as a Teller, too, explaining bank products to customers, making deposits, cashing checks, and opening safety deposit boxes.

While your Manager duties keep you busy as you hire, train, discipline, and evaluate employees, meet company sales goals, and follow governmental regulations, your main focus is providing outstanding customer service to the person on the other side of the window.