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Teller Coordinator

Train, evaluate, and schedule bank tellers.

What does a Teller Coordinator do?

Although vast numbers of banking transactions take place online or through ATMs, millions of deposits, withdrawals, currency exchanges, and loan payments are still processed inside the walls of traditional banks. Each of those transactions requires the aid of a Bank Teller. The Teller Coordinator is the person who makes sure the Bank Tellers do their jobs well.

As a Teller Coordinator, you’re half Bank Teller and half Supervisor. It’s a privilege you earn through experience and time on the job.

In addition to your regular Teller duties, you’re in charge of training, evaluating, and scheduling the lineup of Tellers each day. That means you accept vacation requests and arrange backup when a Teller calls in sick. A position as a Teller Coordinator gives you firsthand knowledge of each Teller’s abilities, so you also provide your opinion to the Teller Manager during performance evaluation time.

When you’re not answering questions, deciding who’s going to cover the lunch hour for the drive-up-teller, or reiterating the need for proper banking practices, you run your own window. That entails cashing checks, verifying identities, and making deposits. You also accept loan payments and escort customers to their safety deposit boxes. Of course, the bank makes money through the services it offers, so you’re always learning about different types of accounts, investments, and extras that the customer might benefit from.