Television Repair Technician

Service and replace video inputs, screens, remotes and more.

What does a Television Repair Technician do?

Like all electronics, televisions have a mind of their own. In the middle of an exciting show, the screen goes blank, the volume stops working, or the picture goes green. And as much as the owner would love it if they never had to call Television Repair Technicians, they’re the ones that come to the rescue.

As a Television Repair Technician, you might work in a repair shop, diligently checking repair orders and repairing television after broken television. Of course, the customer is always concerned with cost, so you make estimates and provide a bid for the parts and labor required to fix it.

Oftentimes though, you go to the customer. That typically means you drive a company rig loaded with tools and parts. It’s your responsibility as a Television Repair Technician to maintain the vehicle and make sure the parts are restocked as needed so that you have what you need once you arrive at the customer’s house.

Communication is a huge part of your job. In addition to cost, the customer wants to know what’s wrong and how long it will take to fix. You are honest, patient, and helpful as you explain the problem and deliver the solution. Many times, you will be expected to up-sell any products or services that might suit your customer’s needs (for example, warranties).

Each job is a little different, but whether you’re replacing a speaker, repairing a power button, or installing a new cable, your main job is to make sure the customer is happy.