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Television Producer



Manage the business side of producing TV shows.

What does a Television Producer do?

Television Producers are responsible for making sure all of the business-related elements of a television show happen on time and on budget. A Television Producer also manages crew members and the show’s stars (I dare you to try), and oversees the filming schedule and script approval. Plus, at times, they get more of a final say over creative changes than the show’s Director – because it always comes down to the budget.

If you’re a Television Producer, you control all aspects of a show’s production, so you have your hand in many pies at once. Over the course of a TV series you may be involved in everything from the show’s initial development, to casting, shooting, wrapping, and everything in between. We know Producers’ names because they gain a following for quality programs, and it’s up to you to help a show survive: You’re responsible, and your name is seen as the final stamp of approval on a production.

Some Producers are more behind-the-scenes, and end their own role after they’ve pitched an idea to a studio and it’s been picked up. Others would rather have control over the set, costumes, Actor, and even the directing. It’s up to you which approach you’re going to take. After all, there are other people to do those jobs, but if you want a Bruckheimer sort of following, you’ve got to put your nose to the grindstone – it’s an extremely competitive industry.

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