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Television Executive Producer



Make all major creative and business decisions for TV Shows.

What does a Television Executive Producer do?

The Television Executive Producer for a TV series makes important decisions about the show, and fast. The Television Executive Producer responsible to the network his or her show is on, and may even pitch in as a Writer in addition to the mile long list of other responsibilities. As the Television Executive Producer, you’re the final word for both the business and creative decisions.

Because the turn-around in TV is much faster than in filmmaking, you need to work through the process of preproduction, production, and postproduction on a weekly basis. From start to finish, here’s what you’re responsible for: You have to create the concept, create the characters, supervise the script meetings, approve the story lines, hire the Television Director (there are usually multiple Director for a TV series, unlike for a film), hire the regular cast members, supervise the budget, supervise the production schedule, oversee final cuts, and even approve ad campaigns.

The work is strenuous and involved, and you have to work quickly to get it all done, but it’s so worth it to have your complete vision aired in people’s living rooms. And, as with all of your entertainment career choices, your success in moving up depends on your luck, talent, persistence, contacts, and experience. Networking (get it? networking?) can help you move up that ladder from Assistant Producer to Associate Producer, Television Producer and finally Executive Television Producer.

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