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Television Associate Producer

Help develop content and manage production for TV Producers.

What does a Television Associate Producer do?

Television Associate Producers help Television Producers carry out their daily duties. You see, a television show is a lot like a small business. For instance, most small businesses rely on a close relationship with a bank that finances their operations and counsels them on their business plan in hopes of getting a return on its investment.

In the world of TV, a Television Producer is like a bank, offering capital and strategic planning with which to operate a television show. As a Television Associate Producer, therefore, you’re a bank employee, charged with assisting the Television Producer by doing many of the tactical tasks that fall under his or her purview.

What those tasks are, exactly, depends on what type of television show you produce — a scripted drama, for instance, a situation comedy, a reality show, a news program, or perhaps a live game show. Generally, however, you’re tasked as a Television Associate Producer with developing content for the TV program and managing its production, supervising everything from research and rehearsal to filming and finance, not to mention sets, sound, props, and personnel.

In the case of scripted television, you’re very often a Writer, in charge of developing and pitching story ideas, then contributing to the writing and editing of scripts. In the case of news programs or talk shows, on the other hand, you’re something of a Journalist, in charge of finding news stories, researching facts, conducting interviews, and booking guests.

Basically, as Producer “Lite,” you do anything that needs doing in order to create a TV show that attracts viewers and makes money.