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Telephone Maintenance Mechanic

Install, test, and repair communication equipment.

What does a Telephone Maintenance Mechanic do?

Installs, tests, and repairs communication equipment, such as public address and intercommunication systems, wired burglar alarms, switchboards, telegraphs, telephones, and related apparatus, including coin collectors, telephone booths, and switching keys, using schematic diagrams, testing devices, and handtools: Installs equipment according to layout plans and connects units with inside and outside service wires. Maintains equipment and analyzes operational malfunctioning with testing devices, such as oscilloscopes, generators, meters, and electric bridges, to locate and diagnose nature of defect and ascertain repairs to be made. Examines mechanism and disassembles components to replace, clean, adjust or repair parts, wires, switches, relays, circuits, or signaling units, using handtools. Operates and tests equipment to ensure elimination of malfunction. May climb poles to install or repair outside service lines. May repair cables, lay out plans for new equipment, and estimate material required.