Telemarketing Manager

Teach your phone-based sales staff how to close deals on every call.

What does a Telemarketing Manager do?

The phone rings and rings, and when the call is answered, a sales pitch begins. The product described seems so innovative and so revolutionary that the person simply cannot resist the temptation and the order is placed. Successful sales calls like this occur when a Telemarketing Manager hires staff, trains them, and gives them the tools they need to succeed.

When you’re a Telemarketing Manager, Telemarketers look to you for scripts to read during their telemarketing calls. To produce these scripts, you meet with the Marketing Director and learn how the product works. You determine its benefits, and come up with a series of phrases to describe it and make it seem absolutely fabulous.

When your script is prepared, you hand it out to your team and ask them to start calling customers. As these calls begin, you walk among your Telemarketers and listen to the calls. Sometimes, you record the calls, and you review the tapes so you can hear how clients respond. You then tweak your script based on these exchanges.

During your reviews, you sometimes stumble across employees who aren’t performing to your expectations. Part of your job as a Telemarketing Manager is to coach these employees to help them improve. But if they don’t, you replace them with new employees who are able to handle the job with a bit more professionalism.

The Sales Director determines how much sales your department should make in a given period. Sharing this information with your staff can help them stay motivated. Keeping a fresh pot of coffee available may also help.