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Telecommunications Technician

Set up phones, fax machines, and computers to keep businesses running.

What does a Telecommunications Technician do?

Telecommunications Technicians make sure that all telecommunication systems and equipment are set up and operating correctly. A Telecommunications Technician works with a wide variety of equipment: telephones, fax machines, switches, routers, modems, pc’s, internet hook-ups, broadband connections, radios, local area networks, and more.

As a Telecommunications Technician, you maintain and inspect all of that equipment on a daily basis, stopping a problem before it starts. You stay in contact with technical companies that can supply parts to you if a system fails, and you create temporary solutions when you have no other options. You may also work online or over the phone, giving troubleshooting assistance to customers. Or you may work in an office, or even on the road.

You should have technical knowledge of how all of that equipment operates and functions together. These systems are extremely important to businesses, so it’s essential that you keep them in perfect working order. You get to be the hero, troubleshooting and repairing emergency problems. With today’s level of reliance on technology, you’re darn near indispensable.