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Telecommunications Specialist



Plan and install telecommunications systems for clients.

What does a Telecommunications Specialist do?

Since the first phone call got everyone talking, technology has scrambled to find better and clearer ways to connect people around the world. Voice communication systems incorporate all the technological aspects of telephones and other voice-related services, but they can’t assemble themselves. Good thing Telecommunications Specialists are there to do the job. Telecommunications Specialists plan out and set up communication technology for their clients.

Depending on where you are in your current project, you might spend the workday as a Telecommunications Specialist planning, assembling, or tweaking data and voice systems. Understanding client needs and mapping out the project comes first. The secret ingredient in a successful communication system is finding one that stays under budget, is simple to complete, and allows wiggle room for modifying the technology in the future.

When it’s time to install the system, you may do it by yourself or have an entire team backing you up. Installation varies from manually connecting the floors in an office building so employees can communicate by phone or intercom, to designing an entire virtual voicemail system for cell phone users.

Often, you’ll choose a specialty within the telecommunications field. New jobs are conceived as people find new ways to talk to each other. Consider working in the cell phone industry if you’re a mobile phone lover, or look into satellite communications if that’s the type of technology that tickles your fancy. Jobs in telecommunications go beyond the physical installation aspect to embrace the creative side of working with data.

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