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Telecommunications Engineer



Design, build, and maintain telecommunications equipment.

What does a Telecommunications Engineer do?

A Telecommunications Engineer solves problems regarding telecommunications equipment, hardware, and services. It’s the job of a Telecommunications Engineer to understand how the systems work, and to come up with solutions when problems arise. Being proactive is a must, because stopping problems before they even start is the best thing you can do if you’re a Telecommunications Engineer

But the bigger part of your job, beyond simply troubleshooting, involves designing and creating telecommunication systems. This is more complex work, and so you need knowledge of circuitry, installation, government codes, and full systems. You may choose to specialize in one kind of system, such as voice, data, or fiber optics and waves.

In any case, whether you’re designing a system or performing troubleshooting for it, you’ll often work as part of a team, focusing on a specific area of a project. And typically, if you were the one who designed the system, you’ll also be the one to oversee its set-up, and you’ll also be the one in charge of its maintenance and upkeep.

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