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Telecommunications Electrician

Coordinate communications wiring, telephones, jacks and outlets.

What does a Telecommunications Electrician do?

A telecommunications system is a bit like an umbilical cord, connecting a user to a nourishing supply of cute cat pictures, giggling baby videos, and marketing phone calls. Without the work of Telecommunications Electricians, this vital connection wouldn’t exist. A Telecommunications Electrician installs these complicated systems and repairs them when they fail.

As a Telecommunications Electrician working on a new building, you’re given a set of drawings created by an Engineer, and you use those blueprints as a sort of recipe. You don’t design the system itself, but you know exactly where each piece should go. As you work, you string cable, attach it to outlets, and test it to make sure it works.

When the users move into the new building, you may configure their telephones and computers so they work properly with the system you installed. Sometimes, you even provide a bit of training on how the connections are supposed to work, so the users will get the most benefit from your labors.

At times, telecommunications systems fail. Tiny mice may gnaw through the cables, lightning may strike and fry the system, or a careless worker may spill coffee on valuable outlets. When these problems occur, you head to the scene to determine what’s been broken, and you work quickly to fix it.

Sometimes, all of your work can be completed inside the building. Other times, you must climb tall ladders and inspect wiring on the outside of the building.