Technical Training Instructor

Develop and conduct programs to train employees or customers.

What does a Technical Training Instructor do?

Develops and conducts programs to train employees or customers of industrial or commercial establishment in installation, programming, safety, maintenance, and repair of machinery and equipment, such as robots, programmable controllers, and robot controllers, following manuals, specifications, blueprints, and schematics, and using handtools, measuring instruments, and testing equipment: Confers with management and staff or TECHNICAL TRAINING COORDINATOR 166.167-054 to determine training objectives. Writes training program, including outline, text, handouts, and tests, and designs laboratory exercises, applying knowledge of electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, and programming, and following machine, equipment, and tooling manuals. Schedules classes based on classroom and equipment availability. Lectures class on safety, installation, programming, maintenance, and repair of machinery and equipment, following outline, handouts, and texts, and using visual aids, such as graphs, charts, videotape, and slides. Demonstrates procedures being taught, such as programming and repair, applying knowledge of electrical wire color coding, programming, electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, and pneumatics, using handtools, measuring instruments, and testing equipment, and following course outline. Observes trainees in laboratory and answers trainees’ questions. Administers written and practical exams and writes performance reports to evaluate trainees’ performance. Participates in meetings, seminars, and training sessions to obtain information useful to training facility and integrates information into training program. May repair electrical and electronic components of robots in industrial establishments. May install, program, maintain, and repair robots in customer’s establishment [FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN 638.261-026]. May be designated according to subject taught as Instructor, Programmable Controllers; Instructor, Robotics.