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Technical Recruiter

Search for ideal candidates to fill technical positions.

What does a Technical Recruiter do?

Picture this: someone calls up a tech support center because their computer’s gone crazy, printing pages nonstop and beeping incessantly. The tech support staff asks if they’ve tried kicking it and hangs up the phone.

To ensure that people working in the technical field know what they’re doing, and to save innocent computers from literally getting the boot, technical recruiters seek out only the top candidates to fill job openings. Recruiting is the skill of finding people who make a perfect match for available jobs. Businesses come to recruiters to help them find new employees. Your knowledge of the ins and outs of the field ensures that you can find candidates who actually understand the technology they want to work with.

Your typical day may start with (aside from a cup of coffee) an hour or two typing out compelling and error-free job descriptions to circulate online and in local newspapers. These ads outline the job’s benefits and the qualifications needed for consideration.

Then it’s off to interview those who responded to previous ads. The interview process takes a large part of your day, and the rest is spent responding to email and phone calls from those with questions about current job offers. Before turning on the answering machine and heading home, you call up those who made the cut and let them know about next steps or negotiate a starting salary. Companies far and wide would be lost without a technical recruiter’s keen eye for spotting which candidates are an ideal match and which just don’t fit.