Technical Patent Writer

Help create and file patent applications.

What does a Technical Patent Writer do?

New products hit the store shelves every day. From computer software to robotic toys to vacuum-suction technology, each product goes through an extensive research and development phase. When it is honed into its final form, it’s time for the owner of the idea to get a patent. That’s when the Technical Patent Writer gets the call.

Many times, the owner, or Inventor, is a major corporation, and that is typically the best place for you to stretch your wings as a Technical Patent Writer. Being a Technical Patent Writer allows you to showcase your outstanding writing skills, but also requires you to understand the technical aspects of the product or idea that you’re writing about. So you spend some time researching the product, the industry, the competition, and similar products that have applied for a patent. Working with Patent Engineers, company management, Inventors, employees, and Lawyers, you identify the unique traits of the product.

With all pertinent information at your fingertips, you begin the process of writing the technical specifications. This is reminiscent of writing product manuals. In fact, many Technical Patent Writers move into the field after working as Technical Writers in another arena.

And patent writing definitely qualifies as technical. But you’re a skilled Writer so you know how to get your idea across in a few words, and be concise in your efforts to share information. Concise, yes, but also thorough. You use the proper format and style, relay the pertinent data, provide sketches, and submit the patent for approval.