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Technical Operator

Chart characteristics of oil and gas well boreholes or producing wells.

What does a Technical Operator do?

Charts pressure, temperature, and other characteristics of oil and gas well boreholes or producing wells, using special subsurface instruments, and interprets findings for use in determining further drilling or producing procedures: Directs workers in assembling wire line hoisting gear and attaching line to instruments. Gives directions to HOIST OPERATOR to lower clinograph into well to determine variation of well from vertical. Informs ROTARY DRILLER of variation from vertical. Lowers weighted wire into well and reads depth of well from recording wheel. Lowers depth bomb into well that records pressure at various depths to determine rate of natural flow of oil from well. Lowers thermometers and other instruments with accompanying recording devices through tubing, casing, drill pipe, or open borehole. Raises instruments from well and removes chart recordings. Measures, converts, records, and interprets data for use by engineering personnel and management in determining drilling or production procedures. May calibrate recording devices. May repair and maintain instruments. May be designated according to specialty as Bottom-Hole-Pressure-Recording Operator.