Technical Marketing Engineer

Bridge the technical gap between Engineers and Marketing Specialists.

What does a Technical Marketing Engineer do?

As the saying goes, “Great Salespeople can sell ice to an Eskimo.” If you’ve ever watched someone really skilled at connecting and selling, then you know this saying to be true. However, even the best Salespeople can fail if they don’t know anything about the product they’re selling. That’s where the Technical Marketing Engineer steps in and helps out.

Technical Marketing Engineers work for companies that sell technical products, whether that’s a new type of communication network or an online security system. At these companies, your role as Technical Marketing Engineer is to bridge the gap between the marketing side and the engineering side of things.

Marketing and engineering comprise two different types of people who possess very different skills. One of your big responsibilities is to explain to each group exactly what it is the other one does. You give presentations to sales, marketing, and advertising teams to let them know of the product’s exact abilities, and ways they can present those to customers. When you talk with other Engineers, you explain what it is the customer and marketing team want out of the product based on customer surveys and market research.

At conferences or tech fairs, you represent the company, giving sales presentations and answering technical questions from potential customers. Since you have a pretty strong technical background, you’re able to really understand complex questions, and explain the product beyond just the sound bites a Salesperson might give.