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Technical Artist



Design awesome game graphics that won't cause computers to crash.

What does a Technical Artist do?

What type of game features breathtaking graphics and cutting-edge technology, yet crashes and burns before ever hitting store shelves? That would be your employer’s games before you came along. As a Technical Artist, you are the middleman between the artistic department and the tech team. Your guidance creates a game that not only looks stunning, but runs without a hiccup on the average gaming system.

Why do companies need Technical Artists? As games have grown from 2D renditions of Pac-Man to the current 3D games in all their cinematic glory, art and hardware have parted ways. Captivating graphics put quite a strain on the average computer hardware.

This results in games that freeze or crash altogether. If you’re a Technical Artist, you’re the buffer helping the design team create the most stunning game possible without requiring the customer to shell out cash for pricey hardware upgrades.

So how do you keep everyone in line? Mainly, you monitor the art department, set guidelines and boundaries, and determine what digital tools will work best for the current project. Throughout the game development process, you constantly test to see how the current designs will integrate into the game itself. When projects start growing too complex, you rein them in.

Your love of technology married to your creative passion lets you experience the best of both worlds in your work, and ensure every game your company rolls out will run smoothly and look great doing it.

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