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What does a Teacher do?

A teacher has the unique and special responsibility of helping to develop and mold the lives of students. Teaching should be something you love to do, as opposed to being just a job. Students appreciate a teacher with a passion for their subject, as this passion is infectious and makes students more receptive to what is being taught.

Over the course of your teaching career, you may get the chance to work with a wide range of ages, teach multiple subjects, and perhaps work in several cities. Your daily routine involves developing lesson plans, attending class, assigning homework, giving quizzes and tests, and grading papers. Students may look up to you as a counselor too. And the very best teachers are the ones who are willing to commit to their students even while off the clock, whether that means working extra hours at school or grading papers late into the night.

There is also an administrative side to the job of a teacher. This side involves a lot of meetings with other teachers, with students, and with parents. But there is a fun side as well—chaperoning students to dances, going on field trips, and attending school plays and games.

Every day of your teaching life, you face wildly varying challenges. But all of that hard work pays off in a very rewarding way: The impact you have on your students can last a lifetime.