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Taxi Driver

Drive people to where they've got to go.

What does a Taxi Driver do?

For people who don’t own cars and who don’t want to take public transportation, an excellent way to get where they want to go is by taxi. Taxi cabs are designated cars (usually yellow) that are driven around town by Taxi Drivers, taking people from place to place.

Some Taxi Drivers own their own cabs and start their shift whenever they want. Other Taxi Drivers rent their car from a taxi depot. If you pick your own shift, you choose how your day looks. So one day, you might start driving at three in the afternoon, and another day, you might start at two in the morning. On slow nights, the ones where no one calls for a pick-up, you might go home after working only a few hours. This type of setup is good because you get to organize your day on your own terms, but it’s also bad because if no one calls, you don’t get paid.

When you work with a depot, you pick up the car that is assigned to you for that day, and check in with your Supervisor. Throughout the day, you’ll get calls from the Supervisor or Dispatcher, who will tell you where to pick up new clients. When you rent a car, you get more consistent business. But at the end of your shift, you have to pay for the gas you use, as well as a rental fee for the car. So you might make more throughout the day, but you also have to pay the company you work for, unlike when you own your own cab.