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Tax Manager

Devise, implement, and oversee tax plans.

What does a Tax Manager do?

A tax manager devises, implements, and oversees the tax plan for a firm or client while performing managerial functions in the office. The role can be with a public accounting firm or a private company. You can focus on federal, state, and local taxes or international tax, and you may be responsible for several types of taxes, including corporate income, sales, property, payroll, and various excise taxes.

The position of a tax manager is considered to be a trusted and experienced advisor to senior management.

Key skills needed for the position of tax manager include advanced analytical, strategic thinking, ability to analyze complex data, and the ability to multitask routinely. Also needed are effective written, verbal, written and editorial skills, including presentations, and interpersonal and managerial skills.

Degree requirements include a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with a master’s degree in taxation or accounting, plus a CPA certification. A minimum of ten years’ experience is a customary requirement.