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Tax Lawyer



Help clients resolve their tax issues.

What does a Tax Lawyer do?

A Tax Lawyer not only has vast working knowledge of tax laws, but often also holds a degree in accounting. The job of a Tax Lawyer entails both number crunching and tax research. You can work for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), nonprofits, businesses, or individuals, interpreting and offering advice about laws.

If you’re a Tax Lawyer for the IRS, you evaluate tax laws, help create or modify new laws, and build cases against citizens. You prepare required documents, maintain correspondence, and represent the IRS in court. Most Tax Lawyers are also hired by businesses who are looking for ways to invest money and reduce the amount of taxes they pay. You also assist with transactions involving international trade.

When you represent individuals, you advise them on ways to pay fewer taxes, help complete and file taxes, and evaluate things like property ownership and investments. When the IRS makes a claim against your client, you investigate the details, complete the proper forms, prepare the case, and represent your client in front of the Judge.

While your goal is to help your clients reduce the amount of taxes they pay (unless you’re working for the IRS), you are ever-vigilant about following the law. You are a valuable asset because you understand how to use the law in your client’s favor, but don’t accept any action that will break it.

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