Tax Compliance Officer

Evaluate tax returns to see if the amounts on them are correct.

What does a Tax Compliance Officer do?

Most people aren’t thrilled with the idea of paying taxes. They may put off filling out the paperwork until the very last minute, and then make serious errors because they’re working too quickly. Or, they may attempt to take more deductions than they’re entitled to in order to avoid paying the taxes they owe. The job of a Tax Compliance Officer is to examine tax paperwork, and make sure people and businesses are paying the proper amount in taxes.

Tax Compliance Officers generally work with small businesses and self-employed clients, looking over their tax paperwork carefully and checking the math at each step. They also examine the supporting documents to make sure their clients aren’t claiming deductions they’re not entitled to. If you’re the Tax Compliance Officer, you call the client if you find a problem and inform them of what you’ve found. You then work with them and claim the money that’s missing.

You likely work in an office, but you may be asked to perform an inspection in another location. For example, if you find serious omissions in the tax return of a business, you may drive to that business and ask to see all of the supporting information for the tax return, including all receipts. You may spend several days looking through the paperwork to complete your audit.

These may be uncomfortable days, as the employees will likely be squirming from your presence and hoping you won’t find any problems. The trick is to focus on your work so you can finish quickly and head back to your comfortable cubicle.