Tax Assessor

Determine how much a person owes in taxes.

What does a Tax Assessor do?

You’ve probably heard the adage, “Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes.” Well, taxes may be certain, but they’re also confusing. It’s a good thing you know all about them. As a Tax Assessor, it’s your job to tell people how much tax they need to pay.

Laws change all the time and are different across the country—even within the same state. So you continually update your knowledge through seminars, classes, and industry readings. With this knowledge base, you’re ready to interpret and apply tax laws to a variety of situations.

As a Property Tax Assessor, you use the assessed value of each property, combined with the fees and tax rates in your area, to calculate the amount of tax each property owner owes. Property taxes for anyone who owns a home, business, or piece of land are due every year, so making sure the tax statements are accurate and fair is more than a full-time job.

Tax Assessors also evaluate income taxes. This is done through a review of tax returns. Once you’ve scrutinized the details, you make a judgment as to whether the correct amount of taxes were paid.

A third area of tax assessment is at the border and airports across the country. In this position, you use your vast understanding of international, trade, and customs laws to tax people as they cross into the country.