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Tattoo Artist

Ink all sorts of designs onto skin.

What does a Tattoo Artist do?

A tattoo artist creates images on human flesh using permanent ink. This is more than a job—it’s a sub-culture of which you should already be a fan before choosing to pursue it as a career. In fact, you probably already have a few tattoos sprinkled across your body, none of which is a small heart on your foot.

Sketching on skin is different than sketching on paper. For one, you really, really shouldn’t mess up. Secondly, safety and sterilization are huge issues that, as a tattoo artist, you must prioritize at all times.

But if you like tattoos, this could be a great use of your artistic talent. Given that you practice your art on peoples’ bodies, it isn’t unreasonable that they expect to tell you what to draw. However, as time goes on and your reputation grows, you’ll gain some creative leeway in working with your clients to create a shared vision.

Sometimes clients come in with a drawing they want you to replicate, while other times they ask for a dragon and expect you to do the rest. But whether someone gives you complete artistic freedom or none at all, you create the lasting memento they want to keep with them. And what better compliment to your art can be given than to have someone wear it on their shoulder everyday for the rest of her life?