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Tap refining furnaces or reduction pots.

What does a Tapper do?

Taps refining furnaces or reduction pots by one of following methods to pour molten slag or nonferrous metal, such as copper or aluminum, into molds, crucibles, or ladles: Punches clay plug from taphole, using steel rod, to allow molten metal to flow into molds. Molds clay plugs and inserts them into taphole to stop flow of metal, using rod, or builds clay-retaining wall over taphole. Chips or burns away solidified slag and metal from taphole, using chisel-edged bar, oxygen lance, or by short-circuiting current from bus bar to taphole with steel rod. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to place pouring crucible near pot. Breaks hole in crust of electrolytic bath, using crowbar. Clamps siphon lid on crucible, and inserts other end of siphon into hole. Attaches airhose to siphon, and turns valve to siphon molten metal into crucible. Lowers anode into bath, using pulley to maintain its position beneath bath surface.