Tape Librarian

Keep physical and digital media organized within large collections.

What does a Tape Librarian do?

Computer hard drives hold huge amounts of data, but still prove no match for the enormous collections of media a business archives on a weekly, or even daily, basis. Companies hire Tape Librarians to label, organize, and store multimedia materials. From film to computer programs, they are all sorted by Tape Librarians.

If all these media take up so much space, why bother storing them at all? Though most of them may go unused, companies do still need this information for recordkeeping and as backup copies of the originals. A software development team might need access to code from a previous software version to be sure the new version is compatible, and a Reporter might want to access interviews from 20 years ago to reference in her updated report.

As a Tape Librarian, you take all the media that a company receives and label them in order to make these materials accessible to those who need them. Your records show exactly where each video clip is located based on the unique ID number you give it. Once it’s processed, you shelve it in the appropriate spot.

When others need access to one of your media snippets, you pull the specified clip from the collection. After the person has watched the clip or run the piece of software and returned it, you check for any damage to the data before returning it to its rightful place. Your collection may not quite be the Library of Alexandria, but it’s vital nonetheless.