Tank House Operator Helper

Assist Tank House Operators to set up electrolytic copper-refining tank.

What does a Tank House Operator Helper do?

Assists TANK-HOUSE OPERATOR in setting up electrolytic copper-refining tanks by performing any combination of following duties: Cuts, strips, and trims copper sheets from starting blanks, using knife, pincers, and power shear. Places sheets in machine to clean and coat them with oil solution. Cinches or rivets loop strips to sheets, using looping machine. Straightens starter sheet blanks, using paddle or sledgehammer. Lifts and hangs starter sheets on electrical suspension bars in tanks. Guides MONORAIL CRANE OPERATOR in positioning or removing anodes and coated starting plates. Scrapes and flushes out tanks, using scraping tools and water hose. May be designated according to function performed as Grease-Machine Worker; Looper; Sheet Hanger; Stripper. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.