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Tank Farm Attendant

Tend series of spheres or tanks to store and distribute liquid chemicals.

What does a Tank Farm Attendant do?

Tends series of spheres or tanks to store and distribute liquid chemicals for use in production of industrial or consumer products, such as phosphoric acid, synthetic rubber, resins, and solvents: Observes flowmeters and pressure gauges, turns valves, and starts pumps to transfer fluid chemicals to or from specified tanks and to processing areas. Gauges quantity of chemicals in tanks, using calibrated steel tape or rod and conversion tables [GAUGER]. Maintains records of materials received and distributed, gauge readings, pumping time, and storage dates. Patrols tank farm area to inspect pumps, motors, valves, piping, and electrical ground-wire connections. Reports leaks, temperature and pressure abnormalities, and other potential hazards. May regulate admission of products through preliminary processing units, such as water-treating and refrigerating units, heat exchangers, and purification and filtration equipment. May draw samples of chemicals for laboratory analysis or perform concentration, acidity, or composition tests, using standard test procedure and equipment. May circulate fluids through weigh tanks to facilitate inventory control or supply processing areas with preweighed ingredients.