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Tank Cleaner

Clean tanks, vats, kettles, and chutes.

What does a Tank Cleaner do?

Cleans tanks, vats, kettles, and chutes, used in production of paint products: Disconnects pipelines and locks safety devices on agitator switch. Enters tanks and examines condition of interior to determine cleaning method. Connects air-compressor hoses to portable pneumatic chisel and forced-air ventilating equipment. Starts portable electric pump to draw residual liquid from tank. Chips and scrapes caked material from walls, ceiling, agitator, and floor surfaces, using pneumatic chisel or hand scrapers. Shovels scrapings into container and removes container from tank, using hoist. Dumps scrapings into disposal drum and carts drum to refuse area. Scrubs tank surfaces, using brush, water, and solvent. May presoak tank with caustic solution. May haul kettles and chutes to burning area and burn off inflammable residue in vessels.