Tank Calibrator

Measure tanks to determine incremental and total liquid capacities.

What does a Tank Calibrator do?

Measures tanks of varying sizes and shapes to determine incremental and total liquid capacities, using one or both of following methods: Extends tape to encircle tanks at specified level to measure circumference. Lowers tape to measure outside and inside heights at specified places. Measures width, height, and thickness of projections, such as flanges, boltheads, shell plate, butt-welded joint, rivets, overflows, and floating roofs, using tapes, calipers, and straightedge. Records measurements and calculates total and incremental tank capacities to prepare gauging tables, following formulas. Measures tank, using liquid calibration methods. Turns valves to admit measured quantities of liquid from calibrated container into tank being calibrated. Lowers tape into tank at specified places and records measurements. Repeats process to obtain measurements at various levels. Takes temperature, samples, and records type of calibration liquid, using thermometer and sample container. Prepares gauging tables, following formulas. May prepare sketches and drawings of tanks and tank projections.