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Tank Assembler

Assemble boards, staves, and rods to form tanks.

What does a Tank Assembler do?

Assembles boards, staves, and rods to form tanks: Arranges boards in shape of bottom and marks identification on each board to facilitate assembling. Marks location of dowel holes in boards or staves and drills holes. Drives croze of staves on bottoms with hammer until tank is completed. Places and tightens washers, rods, and nuts on rectangular tanks to make boards secure. Inspects tank for quality, smoothing uneven joints with drawknife. Marks identification on staves and disassembles tanks to prepare them for shipment. May place metal hoops around staves to withstand pressure. May be designated according to shape or section of tank assembled as Circular-Tank Cooper; Rectangular-Tank Cooper; Tank-Bottom Assembler; Tank-Stave Assembler.