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Talk Show Host



Interview guests to entertain TV audiences.

What does a Talk Show Host do?

As a Talk Show Host you will interview a wide variety of personalities in the media and news makers, and act as the bridge between audience viewers and the subject matters they are most interested in. The Talk Show Host that everyone knows the name of is of course, Oprah Winfrey, who is a great person to model a career on.

Oprah started small, with work as a Reporter for a radio station, and then she moved on to get a degree in Radio and TV Broadcasting. Her great personality and easy manner landed her several gigs hosting smaller morning shows before she got the job that we all know her for now. While no one can replace Ms. Winfrey, her career as a Talk Show Host is one to strive for.

As a Host you may work alone (like Oprah), or share the stage with a crew of people (like the ladies of The View). You may also get a job hosting a late night talk show. For all of these positions, however, you will have to put in years and years of working your way up the combined entertainment/journalism ladder.

The work is serious and fun, and it requires a lot of raw talent and a likeable personality. As the face of a show you are largely responsible for its content, and the way it comes across to viewers and who it’s going to appeal to. There is a lot of pressure in this line of work, and you have to be able to cover both serious subject matters and light hearted ones alike, but the work is very rewarding and all around pretty awesome

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