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Talent Scout

Find and recruit potential superstars, whether in entertainment or sports.

What does a Talent Scout do?

A Miner can spot the one translucent piece of rock that can become a glittering diamond with the right amount of pressure and polish. A Talent Scout is a bit like a Miner of people, searching through crowds and spotting the one with just the right amount of sparkle and shine.

Talent Scouts work in a variety of industries. Some work for Coaches, finding Athletes of exceptional skill and physical prowess. Others work for modeling agencies, searching for beautiful people. As a Talent Scout, you may also work for offices, searching for Computer Programmers, Managers, or Inventors who have the brains to help a company succeed.

Before you begin your search, you develop a list of attributes you want in an ideal recruit. At times, your clients provide you with specific slots they want to fill. Other times, you create your own wish list. You might look over your team’s roster and determine that it has no Player who can run faster than 30 miles per hour, or you might discover that your modeling company has no female Models older than 40 with red hair.

With your list in hand, you begin your search. Over time, you develop a sense of where your prey lives and spends time, and you lurk in these places. You might watch thousands of games in smelly high school gymnasiums, or you might crash local meetings of the chess club.

When you spot the perfect person, you hand out your business card and entice them to join the workforce. If the person signs up, your work is complete.