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Tai Chi Instructor

Lead students through Tai Chi breathing and movement techniques.

What does a Tai Chi Instructor do?

Focused yet relaxed, powerful yet graceful – Tai Chi Instructors mix slow movements with calm breathing to teach students the art of relaxation while improving their health. Working as a Tai Chi Instructor lets you help others find a sense of inner peace in such a busy, hectic world.

When you’re a Tai Chi Instructor, you’re a Teacher and a Fitness Instructor in one. In your first class, you cover the history of Tai Chi, the proper breathing techniques, and some of the basic movements you’ll build on over a series of classes. It’s not about who’s the strongest or the fastest; it’s about flowing through each movement and finding that sense of release.

Once you’ve covered the beginning steps, you move your students into a full routine. If someone is struggling with a move, you can incorporate a different movement into the routine for them. Then it’s time to lead the class through the exercises in a steady rhythm.

In between teaching groups, you work one-on-one with students to create a personalized routine that best fits them. You teach everywhere from the local gym to a nursing home whose residents need a way to stay active. Sometimes, the Tai Chi Instructor becomes the student, as you attend workshops to learn new techniques that you can in turn pass on to your own class. Tai Chi gives everyone a chance to take charge of their health without lifting heavy weights or stretching into impossible poses.