Table Games Floor Supervisor

Ensure players and dealers alike abide by state and federal gambling rules.

What does a Table Games Floor Supervisor do?

A casino can be a wild, crazy, noisy, and smoky place, where winners mix with losers and a haze of alcohol floats over everything. A Table Games Floor Supervisor works as a responsible adult in this atmosphere, making sure that the rules are followed and that people behave with a bit of courtesy.

Your main responsibility as a Table Games Floor Supervisor is to make sure that the games are running in accordance with State Gaming Commission rules, as well as the rules of your company. You inspect the cards or dice before a game is played, or resolve a complaint when a player feels a game is being played unfairly. You also approve or deny credit requests from clients.

You may give out gifts to clients on behalf of your employer, which can make you an incredibly popular person at the casino. If players are rowdy, you may be required to remove them from the scene without causing too much of a disturbance. Additionally, you put together schedules for Table Games Dealers, and sit in at the tables when employees take their breaks.

While some players are jolly and excited, others can be sad and despondent. As a Table Games Floor Supervisor, you may be asked to keep the jolly people from causing a scene, and the sad people from crying and ruining the fun. You’ll be a celebration partner and shoulder to cry on in equal parts, all while maintaining a professional demeanor.