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Systems Engineer Career Information

Systems engineers are important to the success of companies in a variety of industries. To become a successful systems engineer, individuals must be good at systems engineering, integration, and also have an understanding of networking and VMWare.

Education for Systems Engineer Jobs

Most systems engineer jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Computer science degrees are significantly more widespread than mechanical engineering degrees. Systems engineers will also major in engineering and computer engineering.

What industries and companies need systems engineers?

Systems engineer jobs are an integral part of many companies. The information technology and services industry is two to three times more popular for systems engineers than any other industry. However, the defense & space, airlines/aviation, and computer software industries are also good sectors to find systems engineer jobs.

Now, what are the top cities recent graduates work at? New York, Dallas, and Boston are amongst the most preferred cities where graduates can find systems engineer jobs.


Create systems for implementing business processes.

Salary Range: $62,069 - $87,152
Industry: Airlines/Aviation
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