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Systems Analyst



Match clients with the best computer systems for their needs.

Salary Range

$62,442 - $78,250

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Systems Analyst do?

A systems analyst helps businesses define and then develop the software and hardware systems that they need. Essentially, you’re the middleperson between three points: The people actually writing computer programs, the people setting up hardware and software, and the people asking for those setups.

To bring together all these components, you must have a broad skill set. First you need enough technical knowledge to understand which solutions are the best for your client. For example if a client needs a simple, local network set up, then you should be able to provide them with several options for how the network can work based on your technical expertise.

You also need personal and managerial skills: You’ll be dealing with a tech-minded team of stereotypically geeky developers one minute, then turning around to speak with the slick-talking businessmen paying you the next. To pull this off, you have to be comfortable on a figurative tight rope.

Your typical day is spent answering both big questions (How big is this application going to be? Who are the users we’re targeting with it? How long is it going to take to develop, and how much will it cost to build?) and smaller questions (What’s the best database to implement for this project, and where should we take the coders for lunch?).

The best systems analysts can unite the sets of queries. They see the big picture and answer the big questions, then quickly and efficiently break that down into much smaller steps. Doing so creates actionable plans to build whatever it is that needs building (usually a system), which will make the big picture a reality.

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