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System Technician

Operate machines that remove impurities from milk, vodka, and more.

What does a System Technician do?

Tasty liquids such as milk, brandy, and vodka often start off as cloudy liquids full of impurities and chunks of solid matter. System Technicians run liquids through machines to remove solids and impurities. A stickler for cleanliness, a System Technician makes sure no impurities are added during this process.

As a System Technician, you work under the direction of a Factory Manager, Brewmaster, or Master Distiller. Your boss supervises everything you do, and is ultimately responsible for setting production goals and tasting the final product.

You start a typical workday by placing raw liquids in a press to remove solid materials. You then take the pressed liquid and put it in a distillation device, where it is heated to kill bacteria. You may repeat these steps several times.

After this, you place the refined material in tanks for bottling or in barrels for aging, depending on what product you’re handling. You carefully measure the amount of liquid at each step, and record it in your company’s ledger. If your company makes alcohol, nearly every drop must be accounted for when an Auditor arrives, so you’ll be a stickler for measuring with accuracy.

If your machines clog and back up during production, you stop the flow, find the clog, and then remove it. You’ll become an expert at clearing clogs quickly so production can proceed on schedule.

After each step, you clean out the hoses and clamps you’ve used. Often, you do this cleaning by hand as the parts are too large to fit in a dishwasher. You’ll become accustomed to wearing hip boots at work so your feet stay dry.