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System Administrator



Keep your company's computer systems up and running.

What does a System Administrator do?

From businesses to public schools, everyone uses computers to store data, view records, and communicate with each other. Companies bring a System Administrator into the picture to manage all the physical equipment and virtual connections that make up a computer system.

As a System Administrator, you install servers so the computers can talk to each other. You also download software programs to each computer that help employees do their jobs. When software stops functioning or a computer displays an error message, you find and fix the problem.

The job of Synthetic Administrator is anything but static. As technology is ever changing, you often perform updates to make sure each computer runs the latest software available. On a set schedule you do routine checks to make sure everything is functioning and then backup important data and records so if the computer crashes you still have a copy of the info. rn rnYou work in tandem with a Security Administrator, someone who works to protect computer data from unauthorized viewers. Thus a Security Administrator sets up and monitors technology meant to block viruses and other computer attacks, and a System Administrator –that’s you – works with the bare bones of the system to make sure the basics work. rn rnAnother way to think about it is this: if the Security Administrator were a Guard at a bank making sure thieves can’t get in, you’d be the Manager inside making sure all the employees can communicate with each other and that cash and important data can move between departments.

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